Friday, January 20, 2017

Locating Climate Controlled Storage Raleigh Nc

By Frank Murray

When you have to store your personal belongings for a period of time you will need to find a lockable unit in your local area. When items are stored for long periods in boxes and crates they can often get damp or suffer damage due to temperature changes. When you are looking for climate controlled storage raleigh nc there are various companies to choose from and there are some important things to consider.

Temperature controlled lockers are fitted with systems that are constantly monitoring them and maintaining the conditions with fans and heaters. These systems will keep the temperature stable which prevents your belongings deteriorating and suffering damage. Prior to taking on a unit it is a good idea to do some research on the options to ensure you select a suitable one.

You are able to rent a locker in varying sizes from tiny safe sized units to medium sized warehouse spaces and you need to locate one that is a suitable size for your needs. The price you pay will be dictated by the size of the unit and how long you rent it for. The firm that you are renting from may offer a discounted rate for longer term rentals.

There are a few ways to find a company in Raleigh, NC that can rent you a climate controlled unit. There are contact numbers in the business section of the phone book and some firms will advertise locally. You can also speak to friends, family and people at work to see if they are able to recommend a company in the local area.

The internet is another place where you can find many companies that specialize in storage and warehousing. The web sites contain some useful information on the various sizes that are available as well as the prices. There is usually the option of reserving and paying for a unit using the online booking form and if you need further details you can email or call the office.

Before you store your items you need to package them carefully in some suitable packing materials which can be supplied by the locker company if you need it. Fragile pieces should be wrapped and boxed and all boxes should be labelled. It is important to stack the boxes correctly with the heavy items at the bottom and if you need access to any boxes they should be stored near the front of the unit.

The majority of storage firms will have insurance to cover items that are in their care and the premises will be covered by security cameras. If you have any items that are vary valuable it can be worth insuring them separately. It is advisable to check on your locker from time to time to make sure everything is in order.

Always make sure that you pay the storage company on time and preferably before the due date. If you get into arrears or do not pay then the firm can sell of your possessions to get the money that they are owed. It is a good idea to keep a written note of your payment dates so that you do not forget and lose your items.

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