Monday, January 30, 2017

Points On How Many Americans Are Unemployed

By Amy Peterson

Donald Trump promise before he was elected as the 45th president of the US was to create more jobs. His goal was not on the number or statistics but focus on those people who were struggling to make their ends meet. It is about looking for that person who has been looking for a breakthrough in their job and not about how many Americans are unemployed.

To make sure that the economy grows and jobs are created there are many things that need to be tackled. People taking the statistics need to stop focusing on the numbers and concentrate on the reasons. The number of adults in the market are fewer as many have decided to take care of their families. Youths on the other side have decided to study instead.

Most youths who have gone for further studies are doing so due to fear of remaining without jobs. The number of dropouts also keep on raising each year because a lot of people are not satisfied with the kind of jobs that they are doing. Sometimes these dropouts too are not counted among the people without jobs therefore making it hard for the exact number to be collected.

Most people do not have jobs because the opportunities available for them are weak therefore they choose to not to work and not to look for a job. These people are classified as the missing workers and make up the biggest number of individuals without jobs. They do not have a job and make the least effort in moving out of their cocoon.

Missing workers being the largest pool means that they could either pull the economy up or down depending on how the job opportunities are presented to them. To get the specific number or percentage they should be categorized in terms of gender and age to make the exercise simpler. These are the people who weaken the economy for choosing not to work.

The category of individuals doing part time jobs is not counted because they are termed as the earning group. However if you were to ask if they want a full time job their answer would be a definite yes. Their income is not certain and in some cases it is not enough. Businesses are being pushed out therefore there is no creation of jobs.

The big group of people who contribute to the growth of economy are people within the middle class. This are the same people you find they have been looking for a job over one year. They stop being classified as unemployed and are termed to be in a state of long term joblessness. Sometimes when counting they forget to include these people on the list of those without jobs.

At the end of the day the government has the interest of their people at heart meaning giving the exact numbers of jobless people can be difficult. This is an issue that cuts across people of all ages who are actively looking for jobs. It is a question of what can be done to curb this growth and make sure that the economy of the country is strengthened.

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