Monday, February 20, 2017

A Background On The Old English Bulldog Breeders

By Carl Wallace

In history, these kind of dogs are believed to have derived from the ancient war dogs, the Alaunt or old Mastiff. There are also some who believed from an unclear origin. However, these have been depicted in the old prints, showing that this variety, with no doubts, was the small Mastiff that has a long head. And eventually, this was crossed to the Greyhound breed.

Rosa and Crib war are the other two members which have been recognized for this breed. Ideally, the Rosa exemplifies both the size and form of the Old English Bulldog. In Maryland, some exhibitions have been conducted which have allowed the English blood sport on bull baiting for the special breed. There are many Old English Bulldog breeders Maryland who are famous and of them is the dog dealer, bill George.

Many breeders have been making several attempts for a successful breeding of this extinct type. However, breeding and achieving this OEB type would be a bit hard since this has been considered as extinct when talking about genetics. A contemporary recreation was done for the breed through some breeding programs. Half bulldog and half American bulldog and Bullmastiff are the two lineage results.

Most of the time, the breed is confused with bulldogs. The bulldog has been noted as to have a sweet disposition and is maintaining a little amount of speed and of agility that are considered as definitive characteristics for Old English Bulldogs. There are also other recreations being made such as Continental, Aylestone, Spanish, Able, Victorian, Wilkinson Bulldogs, etc.

Olde English Bulldogges usually are known as being docile. However, their other characteristics may also be bold, courageous, determined, fierce looking, athletic, fearless, protective, capable, friendly when it comes to their friends and family. And also fearless adversaries if they noticed their property or masters are threatened.

These breeds love to chew and are suggested to be given plenty of bones and toys. Rubber Kong toys and nylabones would be recommended for them. Giving them soft rubber, stuffed toys, and rawhides may be unsafe for them because these items can be swallowed or shredded easily.

They are so eager on pleasing that they may possibly overexert themselves in making an effort for doing whatever is being asked to them. It would be very important for the owners to display natural authority to their dogs, and as well as obedience and socialization training. It would be best to channel those high energy individuals into works and exercises.

Training a dog has the main objective on achieving pack leader status. Natural instincts mostly acquired by dogs such as about having orders in the packs. So if ever humans have decided on living with their dogs, the humans will become the pack. Entire packs should cooperate under one leader.

With this, to define and to set lines and rules would be highly necessary. Usually, a dog communicates displeasure through eventually growling and biting, and thus, humans must try to be higher than dogs. So decisions are to be made by the owners and not by the dogs.

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