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Five Effective Stretch Mark Removal Sterling VA Treatments

By Raymond Cole

Stretch mark removal can be a frustrating and difficult process. Some products work better than others and some fail to meet the mark completely. The choices of products can be overwhelming, the methods can seem overly complicated, and you could be forgiven for throwing up your hands in frustration and giving up. This article highlights some vital practices in Stretch Mark Removal Sterling VA.

You can find several Striae removal natural treatments but it is necessary to know more about the type of your skin as well as the different elimination methods and treatments at your disposal before deciding on which to buy. Nowadays, there are many treatments for Striae removal - from home remedies to laser surgeries. With this in mind, you need to identify the extent of your condition in order to know the kind of treatment that is right for you

The first method is the use of Creams. A good cream will penetrate the skin, getting right into the heart of the scar and tackling it from within. Healthy, hydrated skin is more likely to respond to treatment than dry skin, so a lot of the creams on the market use ingredients like aloe Vera and shea butter to hydrate and nourish the skin surrounding the scar. Some also contain ingredients like cocoa butter or centella asiatica, a herb known for its ability to reduce scarring.

Let us talk about laser treatment specifically. The process involves focusing a laser beam on the affected areas to get rid of the upper layer of skin. The elimination of the layers of the skin leads to the removal of the scar tissues, which is responsible for the Striae. After the treatment, skin begins to heal and new tissues are made to replace the removed scarred layers. It may take from twenty minutes to an hour. Sometimes even more to complete the treatment. The severity and the age of the scars will determine the number of sessions you need. There are seldom any side effects but there may be temporary ones like swelling, change in skin tone or some other discomforting symptoms.

Another technique is the user of Laser. For a more technologically-advanced approach, laser treatments offer a safe option that packs a powerful punch. They stimulate the production of elastin and remove uneven pigmentation, allowing the skin to stretch and move while reducing scarring. This double whammy does have a downside though - normally a course of treatments is required, and the cost can rack up pretty quickly.

A more pricey choice, though characteristically more effectual, is laser treatment. The lasers wear down the noticeable Striae scars, so they lose their ruddiness. Despite the fact that the marks are not entirely removed, per se, they can be faded enough so that they are the equivalent of your skin tone and should not be conspicuous.

Microdermabrasion is yet another option. Microdermabrasion works slightly differently to the other approaches: it actually removes the top layers of skin so that, over time, the lines fade and eventually disappear. It can be expensive if you go to a salon for a course of treatments, but there are a few very good microdermabrasion creams on the market which will tackle your Striae without being too hard on the pocket.

For women who want a full removal fix, your best choice may be an abdominoplasty. In place of plainly treating the skin, the scarred areas are entirely removed. This is a traditionally sought after process post child birth, as it offers a smooth silhouette. While it is possibly the most effective Striae treatment, it is also pricey. There are as well some potentially serious side effects to consider. Only mull over this alternative after you've spoken with a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon. Ensure to check out on the above methods.

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