Sunday, February 5, 2017

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Thirty-second spot features an oddly muscular kangaroo, a ‘fun’ guy in a yellow suit and Ellie Gonsalves in a white bikini

The wine brand Yellow Tail has been accused of embarrassing Australia on the international stage with its Super Bowl advertisement featuring a woman in a bikini and a kangaroo in an apron.

The Australian company’s 30-second spot in the first half of the Super Bowl introduced an estimated audience of 120 million viewers to a muscular, wine-slugging kangaroo: “If you see a roo at a party, it’s a good party.”

The Yellowtail Super Bowl ad humiliated my country more than Trump ever could.

How much yellow tail would I need to consume before this becomes a good ad? #SuperBowl

Just watched yellowtail Super Bowl ad. Cringe. Hope they sell lots in US coz I'll never buy it.

It's been a rough week for Australia but surely that Yellow Tail #SuperBowl Ad with the DJing kangaroo was the low point.

Ew yellow tail don't drink that shit it's cat piss

Tonight we've already introduced the Busch Guy and the Yellow Tail Guy. Great. Because we needed more bland brand spokesman. #SuperBowl

A wine commercial during the #SuperBowl and it's Yellow Tail? Oh no. #wine #DreamBigger

I'm not drinking Yellow Tail based on that commercial alone. #superbowlads

was yellow tail just looking for a tax write off

Your major consumer base (women) know what you mean by "roo" and we're #NotBuyingIt @yellowtail_usa. #3percentSB #malegaze #SuperBowl

No @yellowtailwine I do not want pet your "Roo" and now don't want to buy your wine. #NotBuyingIt

Horrendous sexist shithouse commercial during the #SuperBowl - good thing we would never drink Yellow Tail anyway

Wanna pet my roo? Who caught the @yellowtailwine Super Bowl commercial?! #SB51 #PatsNation can the Pats come back?

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