Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Benefits Of Power Reel Handling Equipment

By Carol Gibson

The type and size of a reel depends on the diameter, weight and length of material that has been wrapped on it. In case you intend to transport cables, you need to compare the diameter and weight of cables and those of reels to be used. This is the only way you can minimize chances of damages occurring in the course of transportation. You also need appropriate power reel handling equipment to ensure that the movement is done successfully and in the right manner.

There are different kinds of reels. However, all the types are helpful when it comes to transportation of cables. Minimum bending radii vary from one cable to another. It is important for you to know the minimum radius of facility you intend to transport to ensure everything is done correctly and successfully. Correct information will help you make the correct choice.

Wooden drums are one of commonly used reels when industrial cables are being transported. They are commonly found near industrial and construction sites. These facilities are not only large in size, but also occur in varying types. Steel-tyred is another common type. Reels that fall under this category are strong, large and can be used in different environments. Exports drums are commonly associated with cables moved for long distances like during the imports or exports. Industrial cables are generally heavy and that is why wooden drums are the best option for moving them.

Lighter materials are commonly moved with the help of plywood reels. Other than being light, they are also cheaper compared to other types. These types are commonly used by commercial electricians. Plywood reels are normally made using string and even light-weight wood like poplar. These types of reels are usually discarded after their first use. Plastic reels help during the transportation of small and also light-weight cables. They can be recycled and used in different environments.

Nowadays, many industries prefer using steel drums to the rest. This is because they are not only durable but also efficient. Steel metal is used during their manufacture. In general terms, they are strong and heavy. Moving heavy reels can be challenging especially if the mover does not prepare well. However, with the help of correct material handling moving the aforementioned facilities can be as easy as shelling peas.

Material handling helps in creating place and time utility through storage and control of a variety of materials in warehousing, consumption, disposal, distribution and manufacturing. They play an essential role in logistics, manufacturing industries, retail stores and in warehouses. They are useful in construction industry.

Automated handling is a type of material handling. In this case, economically and technically feasible materials are used during the movement of certain materials. Equipment that fall under this category is usually semi-automated. Human effort may be required during loading and unloading. In addition to that, human effort will definitely be required when driving the facility.

Knowhow in the fields such as robotic, sensing and machine intelligence is improving day by day. This means that material handling tasks can be automated if appropriate measures are put in place. However, automating such tasks is very expensive and this is why only very few industries have been able to do so.

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