Friday, March 31, 2017

The Healing Power From Metaphysical Healing Shop Hawaii

By Frank Wagner

Think of all the people you have met: that you seen on TV or in the movies. That's a lot of people! There is a huge diversity of individual people and their personalities. Each person has their own Spirit. People are Spirits in physical form. Not every Spirit takes a physical form: some remain in Spirit Form (pure Energy). The majority of people that have come to the Metaphysical Healing Shop Hawaii have always left with positive story to tell.

Somewhere down the line, our culture stepped away from our direct Connection to a Positive Energy Source. A third-party is not necessary to intercede or access Energy on your behalf. You, you have continuous access to the beautiful, wonderful Healing Energy and the ability to talk to your Angels, Power Animals and Spirit Teachers.

Moonstone is most powerful when applied for metaphysical healing, which heals the spiritual self. It's the gemstone of emotional balance. It could possibly cure many ailments that hamper one's spiritual growth and development, such as those brought on by emotions, love, despair, stress and anxiety. It's a gemstone of protection when traveling, and works particularly effectively for journey at night and on the water. Moonstone also helps open up psychic talents and helps you to accept new changes in life.

As for the healing ceremony, your Ceremony can be causal or formal. A simple prayer or a hour long format with mantras, chants and smudging sage. People use a mix of both. A formal Ceremony provides focus, clarity, a strong Intention and strong bond with a Spirit Guide. Simple prayers during the day and week help strengthen your Intention and focus.

Spirit Guides are designated teachers from the Universe. These are not just any Spirit that is living in the Universe. Certain Spirit Guides are trained and skilled teachers. Spirit Teachers, Power Animals, Angels, Healing Stones, Healing Herbs are some of the various forms of Spirit Guides that are Activated. Every plant, herb and stone has a Spirit. Not every Spirit in every plant or stone is a Healing Guide.

How to meet a Spirit Guide To find a Spirit Guide, start with cleansing and balancing your Chakras and Auras. Open your Third Eye and connect to the Universe. Ask the Universe to send you a Spirit Teacher. You can perform a Ceremony or just send a simple prayer. Sit quietly and let the Energy shift around you. You may sense the Spirit Teacher right away or later begin to notice a beautiful, peaceful, supportive Energy surrounding you.

Spirits who have crossed over work in all Twelve Dimensions and have very high Energy Vibrations. You can find an Energy Vibration Chart available at the Free Library on the Earth Girl Art website. The higher your Energy Vibration, the more you live in Bliss, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Kindness and Compassion. This doesn't mean that you won't experience negative events or emotions. It means that you have a Positive Energy Flow that will allow you experience the event and transform it into something positive and not stay stuck in the negative energy.

Negative responses (eating candy for breakfast) are usually developed when we've experienced a trauma of some sort that we didn't have the tools to balance and heal at that time. Life experiences, learned behavior, abuse are some of the things that can stunt or stop a positive neuropathway (eating a nutritious breakfast) and create a negative one in it's place.

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