Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Perhaps bungling whistleblower Jes Staley deserves credit for playing spooky homage to Rowan Atkinson’s 1990s comic TV ads

Say what you like about Barclays’s American boss Jes Staley (please, knock yourself out) but don’t assume he’s a stereotypical Wall Streeter with an underdeveloped sense of irony.

Staley has, of course, landed himself in the soup over his attempts to unmask an internal whistleblower, who was supposedly saying mean things about a close pal and colleague. That resulted in an official warning for Staley earlier this month – but a more charitable interpretation might be that the bungling spymaster act was merely a satirical homage to the old Barclaycard ads featuring Rowan Atkinson’s incompetent MI7 spook, Latham.

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from Advertising | The Guardian