Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Even WPP’s guiding light is having his pay cut as pressure increases from corporate investors to rein in salaries and bonuses

For more than three decades, Sir Martin Sorrell has run WPP – the world-leading advertising group he built from scratch out of a small maker of wire baskets – with an iron grip. Since jacking in his job as finance chief at Saatchi & Saatchi to start his own business at the very un-dotcom age of 40, Sorrell has built Wire & Plastic Products – the shell company he used as his vehicle for global domination, and which still makes metalware to this day – into a business with a stock market valuation of £22bn.

Investors have been rewarded handsomely: £1,000 invested at WPP’s inception in 1985 would be worth £63,000 today. Sorrell has been rewarded too. Two years ago he took home more than £70m, one of the biggest pay deals in UK corporate history, and over the last five years has pocketed £210m.

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from Advertising | The Guardian