Sunday, May 14, 2017

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Recent ads for Sky and Walkers have been scored by MOP’s gangster anthem Ante Up – but it’s not the most inappropriate song ever used to sell something

Keen-eared advert-watchers may have noticed that the music soundtracking the recent Sky TV Lego Batman promo, and the latest Walkers crisps advert, is the same song. Musical repetition in the ad world is nothing new – five years ago, you couldn’t go five minutes without happening upon the godawful cod-funk of How Ya Like Me Now by the Heavy – but what’s interesting about the Sky/Walkers track is that it is Ante Up, a 17-year-old classic by ultra-hardcore Brooklyn rap duo MOP. The song is a hymn to the joys of making quick money via armed robbery and ransom (sample lyric: “You want big money? Kidnap that fool!”), activities that are presumably contrary to the brand values of Sky and Walkers. Whatever would Gary Lineker think? But it’s not the first time wholly inappropriate music has been used in an ad campaign ...

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from Advertising | The Guardian