Friday, June 16, 2017

Find A Perfect Organic Granola Recipe

By James Reynolds

When it comes to your health, breakfast is something you should never miss for that reason it must be full of valuable, but also tasty ingredients. Although you can surely purchase a wide range of breakfast cereals, and some are widely popular, making your own delicious combinations is much better idea. This way you will know for sure what are you eating, and it will be much healthier to make a perfect organic granola recipe.

Raw, organic, chewy oats are essential in most recipes. If you have problems with gluten, buy gluten free oats or quinoa chips. In any case, it will be the base for your granola. Now you can choose other tasty and nutritious things that will make your breakfast more exciting. Various nuts, dried fruits, seeds and organic sweeteners, with spices such as cinnamon or simply pumpkin spice blends, it's up to you.

Each and every formula underneath contains two measures of natural crude oats, and roughly two measures of other ingredients set up together. You can include pretty much whatever you want, yet you shouldn't forget to add a pinch of salt in your blend. This will make it all taste really great. It doesn't really matter if you add more seeds or nuts, it's your kitchen, after all.

In walnut granola you should combine 1/2 measures of walnuts, so called pepitas, or pumpkin seeds and sliced dried natural fruits. Incorporate two generous spoons of pure maple syrup, one spoon good coconut butter, and a little bit of cinnamon and dried ginger. Combine and bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes, and don't forget to stir everything at least twice, to get uniformly golden brown crunchiness.

Your baking pan should previously be lined with paper or silicone sheets. Cranberries and similar dried fruits, such as cherries or apricots, are the best choice for this recipe. Cooled granola can be kept in cooler, and if you want to keep it at room temperature, keep it well sealed, and use in maybe one week. However you will likely eat it before it spoils.

Another really tasty recipe contains the same quantities of pistachios, almonds and sunflower seeds, with one spoon of coconut oil, honey and maple syrup. Add some vanilla and cinnamon, and don't forget about a pinch of salt. This particular granola tastes great with fresh fruits and milk, and ground can be mixed in your favorite ice cream, making it simply delicious.

1/2 measures of peanuts, almonds and entire dried fruits, mixed with two spoons of natural peanut spread, olive oil and honey, or maple syrup if you prefer, combined with chewy oats, make really deliciously good breakfast treat. Give it a chance to cool for some time, and complete your ideal mix by including something lovely, for example chocolate chips.

Likewise, here is another, simple suggestion for you. Simply take raw oats, add various nuts of your choice, cinnamon, coconut oil and pumpkin or sunflower seeds, organic sweeteners of your choice, with cut dried cherries, apricots or some other fruits, and set it up all together for ten to twelve minutes. Than you should add coconut chips, and bake for ten minutes more. Once everything is cool, you may add freeze dry fruits, such as strawberries. Get ready something really special.

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