Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learning To Use Linkedin Effectively With A Career Counselor In The San Francisco Bay Area

By Nelson Cozad

One large part of any business endeavor is networking. The more contacts and connections that you make, the more partnerships and opportunities you will ultimately have. LinkedIn is a social media site for business that you can use for the networking process. With the help that this service provides, it is possible to dramatically increase your networking potential in almost no time at all.

However, too many individuals treat LinkedIn like other social media websites when, in fact, it is very different. Understanding how to use the social media site in order to facilitate new connections is essential to your professional career and may lead to your next big job or promotion. This is why it is necessary to take advantage of a career counseling in the San Francisco Bay area service to take full advantage of this very valuable networking tool.

How LinkedIn Can Help You Get To Work

You always want to use job posting sites to apply for jobs and post your resume, because this will invariably expose you to more opportunities. A number of these sites, however, require potential applicants to start by listing their info on LinkedIn. This is something that they do not just to view your resume. If they only wanted to have a look at your resume, they could simply request a PDF.

Companies do this because they also want to see your connections and what kinds of information you post on the site. Perhaps you write a blog or share other information with your peers on the site. They want to know more about your professional side. So, to qualify for these jobs, one of the best ways to show potential employers you are serious about the work is to have a fully fleshed out and built up LinkedIn account profile.

LinkedIn is a vital networking tool and you should definitely be taking advantage of it. Although it functions a lot like a social media site, be mindful of the fact that it is not the same as other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Thus, you should consider using professional career counseling in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is where you will learn more about using LinkedIn to the fullest in order to find more business opportunities.

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