Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Main Kinds Of Porta Potty To Consider

By Jason Powell

Porta potties are self-contained and portable toilets that have built-in tanks that hold human excrete before they are emptied. They use chemicals to treat such excrete and prevent bad odors. They are highly popular among everyday events, construction sites, travel trailers, small boats, and modern offices. If you decide to invest in a Porta potty, here are several options you may want to consider.

Standard Porta potties are listed among the most popular portable toilets that are common on the majority of day by day events such as weddings, parties, and construction sites. Standard potties are essentially standalone stalls that are created by hard-rock materials and feature units like sinks, ventilation systems, toilet papers, and mirrors. The tanks available on these toilets are large enough to store up to sixty gallons of excreting.

Portable trailer restrooms offer a high-class and luxurious treat to attendees in special events. These are trailers that measure up to twenty-four by eight foot. They are made of up to two sinks and radio water hookup, stalls, lighting, and air condition systems. They have a holding capability of up to nine hundred gallons which make them suitable for both large and small events.

Handicap accessible restrooms are basically designed to cater for all the needs of people with wheelchairs and other special needs. The restrooms are truly popular today and they do include add-ons like more room and handrails to suit the special needs of the user. The handrails and handicap accessible systems are found in three or four walls of the restroom.

Hand-washing stations are offered with powerful paper towels, soap dispensers, and fresh water sources. These mobile restrooms are available in lots of sizes and they do include a varied number of sinks. The majority of two sink hand-washing stations provide a whopping six hundred washes. This feature makes the systems suitable for large events such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, and anniversaries.

Solar portable toilets are too considered among the best lavatory options that are offered on sale today. These restrooms are usually designed to run on solar power which means they help cut down energy costs. The most common places these lavatories are utilized include TV stations, parties, movie stations, and weddings.

In case you plan on throwing a family friends party, you must ensure you buy or rent the standard potty which is offered with a baby changing station. The standard lavatory with baby changing station is the most common and important system you need to have if the party you are throwing will have lots of women who are breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that the lavatory will guarantee a great experience to all attendees as they will be able to change their babies whenever they want. In terms of size, these restrooms are nearly two times bigger than the standard units.

The last type of portable restroom available is the long drop unit. This mobile toilet is mostly used in common events that witness huge attendance. The unit is mostly connected to underground tanks where the waste is stored when you flush the toilet. The systems do not need mains electricity so they are highly common in large events where there is no mains electricity.

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