Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tips For Fixing Leaks By Top Plumbers In Melbourne FL

By Paul Green

During the winter months, temperatures plunge and water may become frozen inside pipes, which leads to burst pipes. When you notice water seeping through the ceiling, it is normally due to a leaking or burst pipe. These are eventualities that almost every home located in areas that experience extreme winters will face. Hence, you need to be prepared so as to know what to do when that time comes. Below are some simple tips you can use before calling Plumbers in Melbourne FL.

If you notice any leaks, first turn off the main stock. This is achieved by a clockwise turn. If you do not know where it is located, check in the airing cupboard or under the sink. This should stop water from additionally entering the cold-water tank. It is advisable that you know where the stopcock is located in advance so that you do not waste time during an emergency.

Drain the tank for the cold water immediately. You should open all outlets, including taps and drainage to drain out the tank. Flush the toilets too as this will speed up the process. Emptying the tank ensures that the amount of water going to unwanted places is cut short. As long as there is no water in the tank.

Ensure that electric connections are safe. Keep wires and switches away from the moisture as this could cause electric shock and injury to people. If the leakage is a lot, then remove the fuse from the man connections and only reconnect it once things are dry. Well, this will leave you without electricity for some time but you will be safe. Moreover, you will have secured your belongings from damage.

You should check your ceiling for any damage. If there is water bulging out, then make a small hole to let it drain out. Place a bucket to collect the water so that it does not spread on the floor or the furniture. Be careful when making the hole and use a small device such as a screw driver to avoid an extensive damage.

Turn off your water heater. If let to run, the heater will continue drawing water, which will increase the flooding. You also do not want it to be using electricity when you are exposed to shock. Hence, this is a major safety precaution as well as a damage minimization mechanism.

Find where the leak is coming from. If it is something you can stop, then do so even if it is just a temporary solution. If it is the tank that is leaking, you can try fixing the ball cock. This will close the valve and prevent the refilling of the tank. You can just ensure that you have some water you can use as you wait for the problem to be fixed.

Call a plumber. When you contact any professional, they will firs try to find out some details before detaching a technician to come and analyze the situation. The more information you provide them with the better because the matter can be addressed faster. Hence, if you have check the source of the leak and known the cause, they can come ready to fix the problem.

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