Wednesday, July 12, 2017

For Carpet And Area Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY Is Worth Visiting

By Michelle Foster

A piece of cloth made of textile material such as wool and it is used to cover the floor of a place is known as a carpet. Keeping the place warm and maintaining the appearance of the space are the purposes for a carpet. The floor of the space is kept warm because of the material used in weaving of the carpet. For good Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY should be visited.

They have been used since ancient times especially the Islamic countries and Asian across the world. These countries preferred sitting on the floor as opposed to sitting on furniture. For places like Thailand, china and Japan they had very low sitting stools that required on to cross their legs when sitting down. Carpets were used in this scenarios to offer warmth and soft sitting areas.

Materials used to make carpets are very thick and can store a lot of dust and dirt. This makes it hard to clean them using the normal cleaning methods such as sweeping. When washing them one has to be extra careful not to damage the textile. Washing carpets ensures removal of stains, dirt and dust embedded inside them. It also makes the carpets to appear clean thus elevating the look of the space.

There are different methods available for washing. Both household and industrial methods are applicable. Household methods include vacuuming, which normally includes the use of vacuum cleaners that get rid of dust and dirt by sucking and disposing it latter. That process is done by use of air pumps that suck dust in. For deep cleanings, there are vacuum cleaners that are fitted with sprayer jets.

Cut grass is another method used in washing. This method is used nowadays though it was also used in the ancient days. Lemon was used in removing ink and other similar stains. A piece of cloth would be kept on a cloth containing would later be ironed to enable the stain get attached on the piece of cloth.

Other methods include the use of rug beaters. They are used to beat the dust out of the carpets, also the use of brooms and brushes to sweep the carpets clean. This method is not effective if on requires deep washing. They only remove dust and dirt that are on the surface. They cannot remove those embedded in to the carpet and stains also. They are very abrasive and can damage the material of the carpet.

Industrial washing methods are used whenever deep washing is required. Steam, dry, and dry washing are examples of industrial methods used in washing of a carpet. Equipment is used to spray hot water and soap at a high pressure on a carpet. This is during steam washing. Dirt is therefore removed from the carpet.

Dry washing relays on specialize machines that use very low moisture to clean the carpet. They machine have chemicals that dissolve the greasy compounds. Dry foam cleaning on the other hand involves application of a washing foam on the carpets and then vacuuming it. Can be used on carpets that are sensitive to water.

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