Monday, July 10, 2017

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Ads interrupted each climactic moment in the violent, dystopian drama, including mid-sentence

The Handmaid’s Tale finally landed in Australia last Thursday, a deeply unreasonable two months after its US debut. With the much anticipated series made available in its entirety on SBS On Demand, it seemed like everyone on social media had spent the weekend binge-viewing it.

Perhaps many of them are now thinking they’d have been better off acquiring the show by more dubious means. Across social media they cried out in horror, one after another, as each climactic moment in the violent, dystopian drama was interrupted by ads.

Whoever inserted the ads into Handmaiden's Tale on @SBS is a literal monster. Every single ad is breaking any kind of tension built up.

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The really cool thing about watching The Handmaid's Tale legally on SBS is the ads that pop up literally mid-sentence. Incredible platform

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We are on episode 3, and it's really confusing. I thought it was a drama, but it is more just a recurring ad for LG TV's every. 7. Minutes.

Kickstarter to dack whoever's responsible for SBS On Demand's ad system

did anyone @hulu even watch this lol? every single episode it's heartbreaking absuse + cut to black and a fuckin bounty commercial lmao

Hey @hulu - can't help but notice that the ONLY ads we see during HandMaid's Tale are for IUD's and home pregnancy tests #WTF

Um I am streaming The Handmaids Tale on SBS On Demand and every random ad is for baby powder

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It's fairly jarring watching the #HandmaidensTale and all of a sudden @CurtisStone appears in a @Coles ad. Not once, but three times @SBS

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