Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ways To Do Charity Clothing PA Donation

By Marie Gray

Most of the people around the world find themselves piling up their wardrobes with lots of clothes. Some of which they never wear considering that they have plenty or completely lost their interest in them. Giving them away as clothing donations is a great way to reach out a hand to the needy. There are different steps to consider while doing charity clothing PA.

Dig in. Go through the clothes you have, set aside the clothes that you would like to donate. This decision can be reached by doing a simple evaluation. Answer a few questions, like; do you ever wear that garment, does the garment fit you, do you need that many sweaters, trousers or t-shirts. A yes or no answer will help you sort out what you want to give away.

Get them ready. After sorting out the clothes, it is essential that you check all the clothes for anything in the pockets. Could be jewelry or any other valuable items. While it is not necessary, it is proper that you wash the clothes. This gives your clothes donation a higher chance of being worn by someone else. If the clothing is not in good shape to be reused, do not give it to charity. You can use them as rags.

Choose to donate clothes that can be used in special occasions specifically. Donate a suit that can be worn by someone going to an interview. Give away shoes that one can go to work with, or an important occasion like a wedding. Also, donate attires that is popular like denim jeans. Such clothes will be of benefit to many.

Pack the clothes, bedding, shoes, and jewelry in plastic garbage bags. Other bags can also be used. This will make it easier to label the bags accordingly. This will help the charity workers to sort out the donations quickly thus reducing their workload. The bags used for packing can be reused if still in good condition.

Look for an appropriate place to give your donation. Some cities have bins where people can put their donations. Humanitarian societies accept such donations, shelter homes for the old or children also take clothing donations from well-wishers. Disaster-stricken areas like hurricanes which leave people homeless with everything destroyed also benefit from such donations.

Donate regularly. Come up with a plan on how you will be donating each year. Mark a date on the calendar. When that time comes, be sure to donate. Do a little bit of research to ensure that your donations get to those in need directly, and do not end up in the hands of people who will do a resell of the clothing. However, some communities that resell clothes help the homeless and those in need in a society, by putting them into beneficial programs.

Clothing donation benefits many people around the world. It is a fact that those who can afford to buy clothes end up not using some of them after a while. By donating them to charity, the clothes get another chance of being used by someone else. Instead of them lying unused in the closet. This act goes a long way in helping those in need in the society.

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