Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Custom Home Guthrie OK Are A Great Investment?

By Jeffrey Perry

You need to understand what a custom home is before you can start thinking about how to build a custom home. A custom home is that which is built to the specifications of the homeowner and is customized around their wants and needs. This makes the home unique in and of itself and it makes it much more expensive. The benefit of a Custom Home Guthrie OK though, is you can get it tailored to exactly what you want and need.

When considering the home or residence currently being lived in, what are the favorite aspects? Is the back deck phenomenal? What about all the natural light. Any elements that one would like to incorporate in the new build they should list out.

Now, list down all the things that aren't working well. Anything that needs to be improved goes in this list, along with possible solutions. It helps to walk through the current residence and make notes in each room.

Elements that are most important should be listed or charted so they can be implemented in the new house. The more specific the description the better for the house builders to understand. One could even have the builder walk through and see these elements. Anything that'd be difficult to live without should be included. This list will likely change a bit throughout the process but it's a great start.

Turn your basement into a game room with a full service bar, pool table, surround sound wired right into the walls for the big game, and anything else you like. Make the kitchen better than what most restaurants have with a hooded grill, pizza style oven, stainless steel freezer, and an island for everybody to sit and watch you cook at. Also, add a climate controlled wine cellar to keep all your wines at the perfect temperature year round.

Whatever you do, make sure you know as much as you can about what needs to be done and how things work, so you will make better as well as wiser decisions along the way. Before you realize, you will finally be able to walk into your beautifully personal designed home.

Many contractors will offer testimonials from previous clients so that new clients can see how they have performed in the past. It can also be a good idea to see some of the houses that they may have built so that you are able to witness what type of quality they produce first hand.

Also, when it comes to budget take off about 20% of the total and plan for it. This will be for any unforeseen circumstances. Even with the most careful planning, something is bound to come up that could be an extra expense. On the flip side, something may be less expensive and money is saved. Working with custom house builders can be stressful, but that stress can be managed. Get a strong plan in place and get to know the process so that there will be mostly success and fun.

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