Friday, August 18, 2017

Mobile Design Do's & Don'ts For Website Development Companies

By Arthur Williams

To say that websites have evolved over the past few decades would be an understatement. After all, the days of requiring computers for Internet access are over, as devices like our own phones can be used to check out websites. Mobile design matters, as various website design companies can attest, but you may be curious to know how it can be done the right way. Hopefully the following do's & don'ts will be able to clear the air.

DO keep things simple. The first rule of mobile design is to keep things as simple as possible without compromising what makes your site special. This is one of the many endeavors that a trusted website development company can carry out. By eliminating taxing elements like photos and videos in favor of text, sites will load and function better on various platforms. This is just one of many tips that the likes of Lounge Lizard can offer.

DON'T include images that aren't scalable. The main reason for this is the growing popularity of scalable vector graphics. One of the benefits of SVGs is their ability to adapt to several websites. What this means is that they can automatically adjust themselves in order to complement the platform that a site is accessed from. For those that are just starting to get into web design, these types of images are worth including in your efforts.

DO consider adding icons as well. What you may not know about icons is that they service more than cosmetic value. As a matter of fact, they can be designed in order to help website visitors move from one page to the next. All it takes is a simple tap of the finger to make this movement occur. For those that have been struggling with mobile design, rest easy knowing that these small graphics can make a difference.

DON'T allow your mobile site to go live while untested. As a matter of fact, there are numerous problems that can arise by not testing a site before it goes live. Everything from broken links to constant slowdown can be seen, and to say that these problems reinforce the importance of testing would be an understatement. Make sure that every asset is tested before your mobile platform is live. You'll be happy that you took this additional effort.

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