Friday, December 1, 2017

Information On Lake Norman Churches

By Angela Howard

Depending with the denomination a church represents various things. According to the Roman Catholic it is seen as a symbol of the body of Christ. Generally a church is basically a structure used for worshiping and considered sacred by Christians. People come from different cultural backgrounds to meet and worship God thus promoting unity and understanding. This is worth knowing about Lake Norman churches.

The practice of building special structures for worship began long time ago. The history of churches as contained in the Bible indicates that ancient people worshipped on synagogues and in temples. To a Christian a church is simply the house of their God. History points out that earlier church were built in Western Europe before they spread to other places. Back then they not only served as places of worship but also as meeting points. Several community functions were conducted from churches.

They were used as meeting places for the community, banquet hall among others. Their design has really evolved from medieval times to the modern times. The styles include the Romanesque architecture. This become very popular in Europe during the Romanesque era which was a form of traditional Roman architecture. It is marked with bulkiness and compactness. It is dominated by circular arches with rough or octagonal towers.

With the Romanesque gone came gothic style. Comparatively Gothic was less compact Romanesque. One thing that remained unchanged in both styles is allegoric and symbolic features. The work was done using buttresses, rib vaults, and arches. Invention of better techniques which improved the system of the structure meant that they could be less compact. More room left after less compaction led to incorporation of bigger windows.

Another style occurred during the renaissance period this was between the fifteenth and sixteenth century. During this period design of a church was greatly influenced. Some of the gothic churches were left unfinished for long period of times when the gothic era vanished. An example of renaissance church are the basilicas. This style is simplified and the main key feature was the classical arrangement of columns.

During the renaissance era another style of architecture took over the Baroque architectural style. Inspired by the growth and increase of the building industry. This design was complex due to the fact easier forms of the renaissance era used to be heavily exaggerated creating the baroque architecture. The church was heavily decorated with ceiling rose and sculpture works. The simple roofs used in renaissance period were substituted by highly decorated domes and capitals. This era allowed most churches to display wealth, influence and authority through their building designs.

The previous eras finally paved way for the current era. Currently most churches are shaped in the form of the cross. This architectural design is availed earlier enough to the construction engineers before they start working. The final shape is normally crisscrossing two rectangles with one made longer than the other. This is simply the symbol of the cross. Once the structure has been built it is subdivided into sanctuary, nave, and altar.

Each division had to be well spaced and designed to suit its purpose. Due to improvements in building technology, these structures seem to have developed in consideration to design. However, there still exists basilicas and cathedrals, which are designs with origins in the old era.

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