Monday, April 24, 2017

Character Traits Of A Good Indianapolis Christian Church Leader

By Brian Reed

As human beings, we all have different character traits as we are not the same. This is not as different in the church environment as the members meet from all areas and come together to worship. Being a member and a leader in the church are two positions that cannot be compared. As much as they are both in the church for the same reason, a leader has much more responsibility as compared to an ordinary member. To acquire this position is not easy as your moral values should be up to the set standards. Below are character traits that a good Indianapolis Christian Church leader should possess.

First and foremost, he/she should seek divine direction at all times. Making decisions based on the human judgment will in most cases not be what God wants. God has to be the one that runs the show, and this is evident in Proverbs 16 where it says that man can make his plans, but it is only God that can direct the steps. Moses in the Old Testament also said that he cannot move a single step without God as he knew without him all plans are futile

It is along these lines that peacemaking is yet another important aspect. There are times when leaders are out rightly cold in the name of being stern just because they cannot tolerate the opinion of others. Sometimes compromise brings peace, and this is much more profitable than being at loggerheads with other people.

Leaders here also need to make peace for every party involved. Some of the leaders today may not have the quality of listening to others, and this should be discouraged. It is very crucial that leaders should compromise on this to ensure everyone is living peacefully with each other.

A good leader ought to be fair and just at every point of their lives. They should always do things to the right regardless of the consequences that may follow. They are not supposed to fear being judged by man as it is like human beings to judge. They should always aim to please the Lord as their rewards will come in handy. In Proverbs 16:8, it states that the little riches that are acquired righteously are way better than the great riches that are obtained wickedly.

Being a good leader is yet another good quality. King Solomon son of King David was asked by God what he would want, and he opted for wisdom and in this regard was termed as the wisest man that ever lived. God even blessed with riches owing to the wise decision he made, and this is something that every leader should desire.

They should be ready to learn as this position requires someone who is inquisitive and ready to know more about God and how to help others know Him as well. In the Bible, King Solomon was termed as the wisest man in the history of man after God asked him what he desired to have and he opted for wisdom. It is not simple to work in such a department without wisdom, knowledge and Bible facts.

Great leadership will assist the church grow. It shall unite the church and help the members grow spiritually and grow without fear and dispute. Moreover, you must also work in accordance with the scriptures. Good leadership is well displayed in the Bible and you must ensure that the doctrines of the Bible must work well to relate the leadership styles to those that the scriptures insist.

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