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Significance Facts Of The Day Of Atonement

By Elizabeth Gibson

The Atonement day begins at sundown and ends before dark the following day. It is also known as Yam Kippur. In the Jewish calendar it is a time set for repentance of ones sins and focus on the preceding year. It is considered as the most important holiday, and many who do not regularly observe other Jewish practices have respected this day. They go to synagogue to on the Day of Atonement and fast. There are some important facts that people should know about Yam Kippur.

This is the important day when people try as much as they can to please God. They can do anything to please Him. The event means it is time for repentance. People find those who they have offended and make peace with them. Others fast as a sign of repentance. Prayers are vital and they go to holy places to sooth their God. It is a time meant for introspection.

During the period of Atonement, the Jews believe that God writes their name on the book of life. Moreover, they have faith that those books are sealed. This means that nobody can access or interfere with the written information. Therefore, the people of Israel use this dates to repent and reconcile with those they have offended. This is one way of pleasing their lord to erase their evil deeds.

During festivals people perform rituals to mark those days. On the other hand, the Jews are also on the front line to show to their creator that they can perform rituals to please him. Therefore, they prepare bread that is used to make the ritual. They gather together and walk to a water body where some key leaders are called upon to lead others in prayers. After that, they throw the bread in the water as a sign of casting away their sins.

On the eve of Atonement people do come together in unity to they please their holy one. They carry a chicken to the occasion. The people who are in charge of synagogue are requested to slaughter the bird. After holding several communications with God, they then proceed to give the offering to the poor community. This expresses unity and forgiveness to people.

White clothes are used in many occasions as a symbol of peace. White doves are also known to preach peace messages to the community. The Jews are not left behind this norm. They choose to follow a tradition of wearing white clothes on Yam Kippur. This is as a show of purity and biblical promise that sins that are repented will be made white as snow.

There is a special group that is allowed not to practice these rituals as it may cause them harm. The expectant mothers and the underage cannot participate in fasting. People are not allowed to use body makeups and other good smelling products. Sex is not allowed during this time of Yam Kippur.

Regardless of gender and religion, people should respect this religion and practices. They should rest during this time to repent their transgressions. It is important%0

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