Monday, March 20, 2017

A Plan Back To Basics Parenting Texas

By Barbara Wilson

Creating a parenting plan to help you govern how you and the other parent will raise your children after the divorce is a critical step. Because your children deserve a stable environment to grow up in with both parents involved, your parenting plan is incredibly important to them. The family court is interested in promoting plans that provide for the children's needs. This article provides you with a Back to Basics Parenting Texas plan.

Routine. Routine is so important to children and they respond well to knowing what to expect from their day. Over the Christmas break family visits and 'excitement overload' can make it particularly difficult to maintain routine but now that the break is over it is important to get things back to normal as quickly as you can. Fixed bed and meal times are high on most parents' lists.

Consistency. Closely related to this is consistency. Inconsistency will lead your children to feel insecure so always stick with key disciplines and never threaten a consequence or promise a reward without following through. Always be sure that all care-givers are saying the same thing and enforcing the same rules.

Creating a vaguely worded schedule that doesn't detail drop-off and pick-up times. Avoid general wording in favor of language that specifies visitation days, times, alternate plans and what happens in emergencies. Include details on vacations, school breaks and holidays as well.

Rewards for good behavior. Rewarding good behavior, with praise, quality time, or even a small treat, can be a very positive technique when encouraging the behaviors that you would like to see more of in your child. However, it is very important not to mistake bribery for reward. Avoid giving your child a treat in order to stop them from doing something naughty, as they will soon learn that bad behavior gains them attention or gifts; which is exactly the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve.

Love unconditionally. Have you ever felt that you have to prove yourself to God? Because of God's nature, we as Christians understand that God loves us the same no matter what. That is one of the amazing things about His perfect nature.

Ignoring what might happen to one or both parents due to unemployment or disability. Of course, people don't plan to have either of these events happen, it's a good idea to hammer out the details of should such a scenario happen. List what steps you both would take to adjust to such a development, such as suspension of child support, insurance and changes to the visitation schedule.

To be a successful parent, you have to think about the example you are setting to your children. It's not enough to simply pay the bills and keep them healthy. They also need to feel that their parents are stable and emotionally secure. Don't think that you can hide your unhappiness from your children. They are more perceptive than you would think. Much of their emotional well-being is in your hands.

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