Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Press and commercial photographer whose memorable work ranged from Salvation Army campaigns to fashion shoots

The photographer Ray Rathborne, who has died aged 73, was driven by a search for perfection that occasionally tested the patience of those who worked with him but produced some memorable images, including covers for Time and Radio Times and a powerful poster campaign for the Salvation Army. Later he turned to cinematography and directed commercials for clients such as British Leyland, Guinness and Land Rover, often on expensive shoots in faraway locations.

Ray’s famous photograph for the Salvation Army campaign in 1967 featured a peak-capped volunteer holding a small child in a blanket next to the words: “Now will you care?” A 1969 Radio Times cover introduced a striking new Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee, with his black and red cape flowing, eyes bulging and hands moving towards the camera, while his Time cover for a 1983 feature on the tribes of Britain showcased a Mohican-haired “punk”, hands on hips, in ripped T-shirt and leather accoutrements.

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from Advertising | The Guardian