Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Importance And Relevance Of Tamock Military Order

By Harold Scott

Vice has to be treated with vigilance, because some of its manifestations are a constant presence in Christian lives in the present. Vice has a broad range of classifications and they are abroad and thriving in the world, and where found are powerful agents of the Demiurge. One class of this evil province is domestic, things that grow in the home, including gratuitous violence, promiscuity and intemperance.

One other item that can be included with domestic vices is gluttony the tendency to eat or consume beyond what the body needs. The Tamock Military Order is a missionary service that tends to the Christian flock in ways that addresses its need to live orderly lives and keep away from vice. The Bible is full of references to clean and healthy living, and these are the passages which guide an order that has had many configurations throughout the Christian ages.

The early Christian fellowships all lived according to a strict daily regimen, not strict in the sense of being disciplinarian, but strict in the sense that they followed the rules of Godly living to the letter. These communities followed monotheist philosophy and studied how climate, nature, diet and health are all connected. These were among the first to practice systemic sanitation and cleanliness.

Gluttony is related to base human appetites, the animal instincts that are a small but relevant part of the human brain during its early stages of development. This vice shares the same parameters as all other domestic vices that should ideally be replaced by virtues. Gluttony, then, should be replaced by a healthy diet of whole grain breads, fish when it is available, meat trimmed of its fat, fruits, vegetables and lots of fluid.

This order is very well aware that the bounty of God is varied and diverse. So, if possible, diets should follow climate and the offerings from local farms as a natural way to eat, heal and continue living. This is basic enough, like the constant reminder to eat everything served and only take out enough food you can consume during a meal.

The designation of military order is all about strictly observing the rules of Christian living. This is a foundational tenet and also helps in defending the faith against evil. And this defensive system creates peace, and not disorder, in lives that are lived within the normal systems found today.

This kind of practical philosophy is perfect for conducting daily human affairs, a regimen that should be second nature to all adherents. Anyone who studies it enough knows that it is a very good system that conserves time, resources and strength. Routine and not urgent.

This still exists as a foundational part of Christian lives, but may be discussed in other terms and systems. The order has seen it fit to come out and sound the clarion call for many fat persons who are nominally Christians. This is not to mock them but to help them back into the path of health.

Health primarily means good diet in the daily Christian routine. This is something people learn from preschool onwards. The battle against obesity and unhealthy portions of cholesterol rich diets is joined, and the Tamock stand on the frontlines against eating binges in front of the TV set.

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