Saturday, January 21, 2017

People Need To Know How To Restore The Love In Your Heart

By Ann Stevens

It is quite possible for an individual to spread hatred throughout their entire life since this is an easy emotion to feel. Many people do not know how to restore the love in your heart as they live from day to day. Human beings who attend church know full well that the big man living upstairs wants everyone to think about good thoughts when it comes to their fellow sisters and brothers.

When someone is not involved within the activities which go on around this world they are more than likely very sad individuals. Catherine was this sort of person since she was now living all alone in a very big house after the death of her spouse. He was a great person who always shared his hopes and dreams with this woman. They had also been married for thirty years and it was quite difficult for her to let go.

She even tried to commit suicide days after his funeral. Luckily her daughter was able to stop this very dreadful act. This very caring younger woman decided to take her mom to a homeless shelter which was a safe place for many individuals. Nowadays the same lonely lady is now helping other people who are far less fortunate.

Fortunately this lady now has nothing but good thoughts each and every morning when she heads down to the place for homeless individuals. She is very happy at celebrating all of the important holidays with these human beings and there is never a dull moment. These people are now able to tell her all of their problems in life and this is very rewarding for her.

People living around New York City are very familiar with the tall buildings and the great looking view which is around. On the other hand a man named Bill could not get into the wonderful look of this city anymore after he was dumped by the woman of his dreams. She was the type of person who only wanted his money and she made every effort to take everything away from him. This event left him very bitter.

Judy came into his life at the wrong time but for all of the right reasons. She was smart and sassy and had no interest in the material things which money could buy. Luckily she was also able to approach this man in a very sensitive way since the gossip about his life had already spread throughout the office. Bill was one very attractive man who decided to give Judy a chance.

He quickly fell for all of her charms and this was a very good thing. Bill knew that they would probably have a chance for romance if things were to continue going well. Fortunately his prediction came true and they stayed a couple for months.

Some time has now passed and everyone within their office is still expecting Bill to ask Judy the magical question. This truly shows that one person can indeed turn another person's hate into compassion.

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