Sunday, January 15, 2017

Searching For A Reliable International Shipping Service

By Angela Wilson

A lot of people will need to send documents, parcels and other goods to foreign countries by using a courier firm. If you are looking for a reliable international shipping service there are a few important things to consider. There are many firms trading and some care and research is required before you select one.

All manner of things can be sent around the world from letters, passports and parcels to large heavy items. Before you make a decision on a firm you should price up the costs of the carriage from a selection of available companies. The prices are going to depend on a few important things such as weight and destination.

Before contacting a shipper you need to know the gross weight of your items and the measurements to work out the volume. Small parcels and documents can often be sent for a set fee and larger packages will be billed per kilogram or by their size. You will also need to ensure that all of the items are properly packaged and labeled before they are picked up and taken to the depot.

Another factor that will influence the costs of your international shipping is the final destination and the time it takes to send. Most firms will offer a range of services to suit everyone from a same day carriage to a standard service for your non urgent deliveries. Items can be shipped to most countries but you should always check as some destinations may have restrictions.

You can locate a reliable firm to take care of your shipping needs by looking in various places and there are two main options. The local telephone book will have contact numbers for firms and the majority will also advertise online. You have the option of using one of the large global companies or an independent courier of which there are many.

One benefit of using a smaller firm is that will not have to open a customer account and you can pay the bill with cash, check or card. The majority of the larger firms will not accept a cash payment and you will need an account before you can use their services. It is worth having an account if you are a frequent sender as a better price tariff can often be obtained.

When your items are collected by a driver or taken to the depot you will be given paperwork which you should read before signing. These documents will have the delivery address, gross weight and a unique serial number and they should be kept safely. Your unique number will enable you to log onto the internet and track the package through each step of its journey.

Before you send any items overseas it is very important that you obtain insurance against damages or loss. All of the major shipping firms will have their own goods in transit insurance cover but you have the option of sourcing it separately. If you are taking out insurance you will need to work out the full value of the items you are sending in case they need to be replaced.

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