Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How To Become A Part Of The True Churches Of The Living God

By Kathleen Green

The end of the world is near. Truly, a lot of people might get irritated just by hearing that reminder. You cannot blame them. You cannot even blame yourself if you think that it is a great lie. In this deceitful world, you are prone to committing mistakes. Every day, the lord put you into a test. A test that greatly examines your faith.

They are pretty common. Not only in Indianapolis Indiana but also all over the world. You cannot blame humanity. They are weak. They are prone to temptation. Furthermore, with just a simple mistakes and discouragement, they tried to give up. It is not really surprising, though. If you look around you, inequalities are highly tolerated in the society. If you think about it, you would surely question your faith and trust to the Lord. Even so, try not to give up. To enhance your faith, visit some churches in Indianapolis that highly practice the true words of God.

There is something wrong with this world. Everyone knew that. However, in order to survive and protect their own heart, a lot of people tend to stay blind from the reality. If you will act recklessly, you would be labeled by as a rebel. Mostly, that is how people viewed those individuals who really care about changes.

That is the main reason why God has been crucified on the cross. Knowing all of His sacrifices and loved, you should never give up on Him. God loves you. He cares for you. He answers all your prayers. He knows what will happen to you in the future. He even knows how deep your love for Him is. He even knows your future betrayals.

That is not how things go. Do not try to stain your faith by believing God would give you everything you want. He could give you all your needs. However, in return to that, right now, you need to suffer. You need to sacrifice. All His people and His disciple experience the same thing. They give food to the poor.

You must take some actions. You should show Him your determination and bravery. Do not cultivate an empty faith. God is not someone you could pray for just to satisfy your own interest. Truly, He can answer all your needs and prayers. However, take in mind that He is not a puppet. He is your loving and merciful father.

However, if you really want to serve God and love Him, you must get rid of all your selfishness. You need to be perfect and faultless in front of Him. Of course, pulling it would never be easy. As a human, it is your very nature to commit mistakes and selfish acts. Especially, when the situation calls you.

Knowing your character and nature, making it all happen is just way too impossible. That is why God never leaves you. He knew that you would fall halfway. Hence, He always prepares Himself to retrieve you. Even if all of those experiences and mistakes hurt Him, he remains true to what He have promised.

Knowing all His works, try to stop from hurting Him. If you are going to promise something, then, make sure to perform it. Love Him with all your soul and your heart. Forsake your own glory and happiness. He has done the same things too. He even suffers from lots of humiliations just to save you.

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