Monday, February 6, 2017

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Advertisements for drinks, cars and avocados have taken aim at the controversial policies championed by the new US president and his team

Advertisements championing acceptance, diversity, equality, even immigration have caused a stir at the Super Bowl, being taken as not-so-subtle snubs of the president.

The Super Bowl is considered television’s biggest advertising stage, reflected in the cost of a spot: according to the New York Times, the price for a 30-second advert was US$5m this year, up from $4.8m in 2016.

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Today millions cheer together, because together is beautiful. #AmericaIsBeautiful

Acceptance starts with all of us. #weaccept

With #BornThisWay, the message of acceptance and love continues. Amazing halftime show. #weaccept

#BOYCOTT @Budweiser. Political ads have no place being aired during #Superbowl #Americans want to protect our country! #BoycottBudweiser

If you #BoycottBudweiser because the founder was an immigrant...

Don't forget to boycott your ancestors too.

Does anyone else feel like Mexico was trolling us w/ that avocado ad during the Super Bowl? Like, "enjoy that guacamole now, motherfuckers."

Our complete Super Bowl story. See a mother & daughter’s symbolic journey toward becoming legal American citizens.

.@Latinos4PP We will always support the American Dream.

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