Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The End Of Paper Shopping Bags California And The Implications

By Elizabeth Young

The unregulated use of plastic bags has had a detrimental effect on the planet. This practice has endeared for decades on end. That is despite the vehement warnings by the leading environmentalists about the terrible effects associated with wanton discarding of the bags afterward. Nowadays, shoppers use these commodities for everything possible. In a dramatic shift of events, however, California voted to do away with them. Here is an update on the ban on paper shopping bags California.

The move was met with open arms by the eco-friendly enthusiasts. They appreciated the progress knowing very well that it is going to make their work easier in the future. No more will the environmentalists have to incessantly worry about the wanton effects of population as a result of the commodities. The move came as an absolute shocker to store owners who now have to rethink their packaging strategies.

Some of the leading plastic bags manufacturers tried to convince the masses that such a move was ill-advised. They argued that they still needed more time to come up with efficient solutions to address the obvious problems. Luckily, the voters felt that they had already given the dealers enough time to rethink their strategies, to no avail. Hence, no more excuses; away with the bags.

Celebrations run wild all across the state and in the nation as well. After the results came out and it was official that California would be a no plastic bags zones from there on, environmentalists had reason to pop open the champagne bottles. To them, it was a great victory for the delicate marine life which was suffering immensely from the effects of the pollution caused by the products.

In fact, California is not the first state to head this direction. Two years ago, the state of Hawaii was first in line to propose and introduce such stringent measures for consumers. The move yielded fantastic results worth emulating hence the decision by the Californians. Today, save for the use of the one-time-composite products, you will not find a plastic bag being used in the state.

The move means that if you get caught using the nylon bags, you risk severe penalties. In some instances, more so, for the repeat offenders, jail time will be inevitable. This leaves shoppers with the option of carrying their own bags every time they frequent a liquor store or the grocery. It is indeed tedious but the ends surely justifies the means. The oceans will be better protected from the littering of those bags.

Anyone who gets nailed still wrapping goods using the banned commodities will be in so much trouble. The law has made it succinct that there will be huge penalties for infringement of this act. The initiative is destined to get the manufacturers to start producing eco-friendly bags to avoid the fines and the sentences. Great news for the future of the beloved rock we call home, surely.

The developments have prompted shoppers to start thinking outside the box for once. The masses are now sitting down and making their own bags to fit in their bought gods at the shops. It is quite easy for you to find all the relevant information and pointers on how to come up with a cheap yet stylish bag online. Just visit sites like Piniterest and any other Do-It-Yourself sites and get started today.

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