Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Relevance Of Bible Study And Mission Church Today

By Helen Hamilton

The pages of the most important book in world history are the places infused with the light of Jesus Christ. The mission for Christians who base their belief in Scripture is to spread the good news found therein to the four corners of the earth. It is still a relevant mission today, and it is practical even for nonChristians who study and try to follow it.

The importance for this practice is often tagged to sharing within a community. Bible study and mission church in Texas was found a few years back, and it remains the pillar of the oldest practical Christian system in history. The Bible is the central core of all things that emanate from studying and practicing this kind of Christianity.

The small village is one very important grouping for the earliest Christians or even proto-Christians. This is the basic type of group that was the foundation of all the tenets for love, the home, for sharing and communion. It later evolved into the most popular religion that was more ancient than some of those considered the oldest religious systems.

All the human virtues came from the hearth and the village, like charity, hope, mercy and compassion. Laws have been created from these, and most of the laws that matter for all of mankind. The Christian example has become the epitome of these laws, which have been ordained by the divine grace found in the virtues.

Worship in this church is regular like all else, on Sundays, with after service socials and refreshment. All members are enjoined to be with their village style community at least once a week. And perhaps join a group of their peers at least once in weekdays for studying and interpreting scripture.

Biblical precepts are deep but are simply worded. It will take time for all devout believers to know how they operate in life, in the world and things like community and personal interest. The most urgent mission is bringing people back who have experienced the deadly drought brought on by distance from God and his teachings.

Sometimes people call it the magic book, where pages have a kind of primary strength relevant in supporting people throughout the ages of human progress. There is no question that the book is still a great source of grace and wisdom. There can be other way to reconnect with divine grace than through its pages, for Christians and non-Christians.

Benefits that can be gotten from healthy and open discussions of Biblical precepts is great for making mind and spirit become whole. These also provide the platform for you to develop as a being in Christ, who was made to be Christlike. It only takes one in this group to realize his oneness with the Savior to make the study group work.

Again, sharing is key to this system of nurture and learning. If one has been visited by the Spirit, then she or he will find the exact way needed for the entire group to share in the gift of Spirit. Reflection is best shared, too, and a range of reflective responses form a system that structures the thoughts and direction of a group.

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