Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Concrete Information On 60s Southern California Cultures

By Marie Stevens

Getting to know more of your roots is one way for you to become fully aware of who you are as a person. So, simply allow this article to bring you a few decades back. Dwell on the kind of music which used to dominate the airwaves and realize that everything is the way it is because of what happened.

Dorothy Chandler, a civic leader, is the one to be blamed for the growth of art in this state. 60s Southern California cultures came to be when she started talking to private charities about the possibility of art auctions. One successful event led to another and this is why you have museums and galleries.

Later on, art programs were made. This encouraged young artists to hone their skills and become pride of the state. Of course, nothing would beat the works that came from UK but the local artists start to define art as their own. This was where deep culture was embedded and everything just came to be.

This also the part where in the people from the construction field became one with the local artists. The former funded most of the programs and that led to the formal establishment of the art council. These people were considered experts in the subject and that is the reason why they have been highly respected in their reign while it lasted.

Surfing music also became popular at this point in history. That feel good, relaxing tones came to be and everyone appreciated how a single song can make you feel like you have spent an entire day at the beach. More and more people were becoming addicted to it and it became a universal language at some point.

There was no doubt that the Beach Boys introduced pop music. They gave meaning to the word stardom and that is pretty obvious with the fan groups which they have accumulated along the way. With their popularity, Hollywood became the breeding place for aspiring starts and it has always been that way up until this date.

Country rock was introduced in the middle of this era. Music became more diverse and everyone was welcome to give Hollywood a try. Standards have been set but it cannot be denied that the most unique bands were the ones who made it to the top. It was simply a joy to see how artists bloom into everything they always wanted to be.

The Lakers were born here and because of that, California became the home of the Summer Games once again in the eighties. People from different backgrounds came together just to watch these personalities play. This is why you can never take the locals from the NBA. It has been tradition and a way of life.

Sports started to become a huge thing from soccer to ice hockey. The city supported several amateur events in universities until now. This just shows that even if the world already has a different face, it would still uphold the things which it has accumulated in the past.

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