Friday, March 3, 2017

Enhancing Your Faith And Fellowship With The Resurrection Church

By Douglas Ward

Without a doubt, the world is tainted with sins and suffering. Everywhere you look, there are crimes and calamities. There are famine and tears. There are a lot of people who are suffering. Nobody can even guess what the future is bound to become. You would never even know when your life will be over.

Therefore, try to trust God with all your might. Read the bible. Join His fellowship. You can never go to the promise land without loving Him. If you like to know more about God, you should join one of His churches. You can have the Resurrection Church SC. Be near with Christ. The world is full of temptation.

This is not just all about images and social gathering. This is all about the Lord. Save your soul from the fire of hell. He is calling you. Pay attention to His voice. There is no certain human on this whole word who can demonstrate His love. He is God. He is the future king of Heaven. Even so, He never thought of it while carrying your sins in the cross.

Even so, do not be stuck up in the darkness forever. There is no reason to stay in that place. Even if you achieve all the things you wanted to have, even if you attained all of your dreams in life, it would never give you any happiness. Not even today and in the future. Fill the hole inside your heart.

He was rejected by His people. Even right now, God is hurting from your sins. If you are going to put yourself on His shoes, surely, by now, you probably kill a lot of humans. Unfortunately, God is not like that. No matter how many times you cheated on Him telling that you would change your way, He would always stay on your side.

Just like humans, He has compassion and kindness. The Lord is not completely invincible when it comes to this thing. Therefore, make sure to stop hurting Him. Avoid hurting or betraying Him. Rather, try to embrace His love. Be real and true to Him. Like a real son would do to His father. He never expects you to be perfect.

That is not the case, especially, while you are still here on earth. For you to walk beside Him, you need to follow His examples. You should experience a lot of pain. You must overcome your own weakness. You must learn how to fight against sins. Sins are the primary reason that causes men to suffer.

That is how God save you and the world. As you can see, He can never do it alone. He needs your cooperation. The mere fact that you are alive only means that he wants to give you second chances. You would never stay here on Earth for eternity. You may die a few second from now.

Gold are being tested by fire. That also applies to humans. Even if your mind is willing, however, if you have a weak body, you can never fulfill all the things that you want. You are still prone to commit mistakes and temptation. In order to get over your weakness, suffering, troubles, and problems are essential. Do not worry. Whatever happens, remember that God is always beside you. He would take you there step by step.

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