Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Importance Of Overcoming Islam ISIS And False Religion

By Kenneth Davis

Islamic state has been considered as being misappropriate and is being misused. But despite of this, the ISIS which is known to be a criminal gang which is attaching itself similar to a leech to the revered Islam symbols. It has exploited the counterproductive policies of the Western world. And because of this, people are being driven desperately to use injustices for covering their own cruelty.

An Islamic declaration of faith is being used by ISIS, and two most common are Shahada and Prophet Muhammad seals in the flag. Literally, it would falsely claim on upholding an Islam banner. When establishing a caliphate, it means that the Muslims will be resonated because they have fooled the experience of injustice or oppression for believing that past glories could be restored. One important thing to consider is unity for overcoming Islam ISIS and false religion.

Every time is being referred Islamic state and the members as Jihadists, it helps in boosting the brand simultaneously, tarnishing the Islam image, and marginalizing the Muslims. They are those who are being disgusted by the doings of the unislamic groups. The Islam is prohibiting the extremism which is exhibited by the ISIS. Moderation is the essential part of faith.

Literally, term jihad means striving, exerting effort, or struggling. This the central and the broad concept which includes struggling against the evil inclinations of oneself for the improvement of life quality in the society, in battlefield for defending oneself, or against oppression or tyranny. While legitimate self defense is being allowed, killing of the noncombatants is prohibited, and as well as aggression.

Extremist Muslims who have committed some crimes are being called as the criminals, and thus, Jihadists may not be the right term for them to be referred to in legitimizing their actions. Scholars and also communities are in relation to this and are being rejected and repudiated the ISIS twisted ideology. And thus, considering it as an anti Islamic instead of being unislamic.

With legitimate religious ISIS being denied and links severed to the terms and symbols being referred, people would often deny it to smokescreen the injustices. They are stopped as well on being driven in making policy changes. These problems have made a lot of citizens suffer too much.

So the best thing that needs to be done here is fully support this struggle in order to obtain freedom. The lack of support to mainstream opposition to brutal regime was the main problem. And this has resulted into slaughtering thousands of people in the past months or years, and thus, providing it a chance to form and to grow.

Both the democracy and the human right should be supported as well. A lot of people have believed that both barbarism and fanaticism or other groups have been fueled by the repression of having a brutal dictatorship which is often supported sadly by certain countries. Both the religious fanaticism and political repression are mirrors that lead to the same results.

So therefore, stopping this problem may only be done through making some claims of representing Islam then starving it on injustice fuel. Political leaders must take their lead through comprehensive international strategies. These should not be about how many bombs can be dropped but about justice and freedom establishment that will surely end this suffering.

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