Thursday, March 16, 2017

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A week ago the Australian brewer Coopers was delighted to unveil a beer for the Bible Society. But after the ‘public relations disaster of 2017’ it is counting the cost of an embarrassing and potentially expensive backlash

The launch of an early candidate for the business PR disaster of the year seemed, on the face of it, fairly innocuous.

A press conference in Adelaide hosted by Tim Cooper, the managing director of Coopers, the largest Australian-owned brewer, and Greg Clarke, the chief executive of the Bible Society Australia, was laden with bonhomie.

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The Hollywood Hotel in Surry Hills #BoycottCoopers

Not my understanding of what "pulling a beer" usually means

The Cooper family would like to release the following statement in support of diversity and equality:

Is it just me or did the Coopers directors video come off a little Depp-Heard hostage situationy?

As weak as your beer, @coopersbrewery

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Coopers pulls Bible Society beer Something about horses running away and shutting gates...

Thanks @coopersbrewery for declaring you will sign up as a #MarriageEquality supporter w/ @AMEquality#LoveIsLove #equality #diversity #Love

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