Sunday, March 12, 2017

Why A Humorous Project Management Blog Is Needed

By Charles Cooper

Targeted blogs can provide a lot of things for people, whether for marketing concerns or for explicating technical concerns in simpler ways. The main qualities for this type of writing are clarity, conciseness, accessibility and a conversational and friendly tone and manner. For some of those in need of good online resources, some blogs can offer specific views.

Company managers often stay on the serious side, but this they know to be somewhat of a barrier when trying to engage or reach out to employees. A humorous project management blog helps folks find ways for making creative engagement that moves a project forward in the right way. And to make this in an environment that is not heavy with but light with all the needed issues.

The first thing to realize about humor for blogs is it should be practiced with good judgment, and for making points clearer or more impactful. It may serve as a final illustration for a problem issue, and is good to use for transitions. Many bloggers use it awkwardly, unwilling to really access the full potential of humor for moving from point to difficult point.

Project management can be aided by humor in an article, when, for example, it makes negatives less heavy and criticism that much more acceptable. A joke can be a catalyst for making reality bite in a nonmalicious way, for breaking apart, say, some really old and harmful dogma that stymies business. Also, the a projects specialist will find humor that can direct her or him to good creative thinking.

A useful blog knows how to pull the stops on humor and makes it unnecessary to make a joke every time. Laughing too much can have a negative pull that works on the audience subconscious. The blog should also be adept at showing how to make nonmalicious jokes, and this is hard to do but highly effective when the audience realizes it.

Malice should never get into the picture, and this is achieved by the better writers. Good, hearty laughter can help get a reader over a hump, over the most boring technical references. And the blog should be able to make the reader realizes the major points about writing with jokes so as to be usable in project applications.

Great comedic artists all have one thing in common, and that is the ability to time their jokes and punchlines to achieve a maximum effect. Thus timing is a form of creative control that can unlock possibilities with an audience. When this is successful, time is managed efficiently and there is no need to make further longwinded explanations that can only complicate things.

Humor is a good tool like all else in writing, but only when used well. Writers have to be relevant as they use it to avoid the tangles of circular though processes. When thus entangled, jokes will create dark undercurrents that will seem malicious to many.

Targeted blogs may use comedy, but not in the way of comedy relief, or that you simply need some filler that is good enough. In ideal terms, true relief is something born from illumination, the capability to see through better viewpoints. If a blog is able to do this and nothing else, consider it an effective one.

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