Monday, April 24, 2017

Community Church Dewey AZ Plays A Vital Role In Society

By Robert Lewis

Society needs religion. Religious people are more disciplined. They are less likely to commit crimes. They are likely to earn higher incomes because community church Dewey AZ places a great emphasis on education. The future of Dewey AZ is dependent on the morality of its citizens. If they choose to be bad, there will definitely be a gloomy future. When the majority of the population decides to take the right path of life, there will be a successful and prosperous future for the society.

Wrong ideology has brought down many individuals, societies and nations. Entire civilizations have been wiped from the face of the earth because of having the wrong approach to life. Think of the great civilizations of the past such as Persia, Babylon and the Roman Empire. Most of them were thriving until lack of morality brought down the entire system from the inside.

Without morality, nothing can stand. A person can be a great genius but if he lacks a moral compass his ending will be swift and sad. A nation built without morals is a disaster waiting to happen. In any community church, the major emphasis is morality starting with moral living and also encompassing moral thinking. Thoughts shape a human being.

The biggest problem with humanity is that people are their own gods. Some men are arrogant to the core. They do not see the need to respect authority. They also fail to notice the intelligence design that is behind every natural thing in the world. Humans, the sun, mountains and other things are all intelligently designed, indicating a Higher Being.

The Ten Commandments are the foundation of Christianity. Submission to these set of laws facilitates a fulfilled life. Happiness can only be found in being law abiding. The laws of most countries in the western world are modeled after The Ten Commandments. That is why USA, Canada, France, UK and Germany are the most successful nations in the world.

The greatest of all commandments that most pastors usually emphasize is the commandment of love. The world is full of hate and that is why there have been three major world wars. A lot of lives have been lost because of the inability of most humans to love. All the murders, all the rape and all the plunder is because of hateful people.

Love conquers all. Love does not envy. Love respects. A person can have everything in the world but if he lacks love he is just a loud gong or a clashing cymbal. By joining a good community church, a person will learn the virtue of love. The Bible is the only book that can transform a hateful person into a loving individual.

Christianity has withstood the test of time. There have been great persecutions on Christians. Entire countries and empires even banned Christianity. All through all the tests and challenges, Christianity has come through strong. That is why there are many Christians in America. The USA is the most Christian nation in the world that has greatly contributed to the spread of Christianity to the four corners of the world.

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