Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Features Of Baptist Church Columbia MD

By Anna Miller

Churches in Columbia MD are an organization of believers with a common faith. Early church existed as one across the world until differences arise. This led to splinter groups. The main groups that came up were Catholics and Protestants. Baptist church Columbia MD fall in Protestants churches. This is because they shared similar characteristics. This regrouping was basically on spiritual beliefs. All these religion groups had similar faith only that they practiced it differently. Though the difference in beliefs all worship same God.

They practice baptism and Eucharist. They have faith in the sacrament. The highly honored sacrament is baptism. They have beliefs that believers ought to undergo baptism so as to share life in Christ. They advocate for full immersion of the body in water following the sample of Christ. They do not believe in the forgiveness of sins after baptism but call for personal repentance. They also believe upon baptism one enters into special covenant with God.

Spiritual gifts and fruits of holy spirits are highly observed. They have believe in Pentecost, and they observe it as a holy day. This was the day when Disciples of Christ received Holy Spirit. They believe that believers who share life in Christ also receive these gifts in baptism. They are supposed to be respected and shared. They are holy, and if well manipulated they result to good fruits of holy spirits.

Devolved leadership and administration are among key features observed. Unlike other institutions, these organizations have devolved the management, but they share common belief across all churches. They believe decentralization of management facilitates running of institutions as a decision concerning believers is easily made.

They advocate for human rights both in churches and outside church situation. These believers and campaigners of human rights. They preach against racism, gender inequality, discrimination and oppression of less privileged. They call for the state to guarantee the church enough freedom it deserves.

Observe interfaith practices and respect other denominations is the key virtue in these organizations. Baptist respect and value other denominations faith. They advocate for joint evangelism so as to win many souls to Christ. They believe interdenominational prayer rallies is effective means of ministry.

Believe that bible is divinely inspired. Use of Bible conducts the worship in these churches. They follow biblical teachings and believe that the bible is the true word of God. Some of the things that make them believe in church divinity are that God personally took part in writing and also believe that all others were directed by God to pass the message. Biblical teachings are highly honored in these spiritual organizations.

They believe in Holy Communion. They follow the command of Christ that was given during the last supper. This was when Christ shared wine and bread as a symbol of blood and body of Christ. They believe also in sharing of bread and wine they are symbolically sharing body and blood of Christ which was sacrificed for the salvation of humanity. This practice is highly honored. One is not allowed to receive this sacrament until one undergoes the doctrine teachings of Baptist churches.

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