Saturday, April 8, 2017

How Personal Accountability Results In Execution With A San Francisco Bay Area Counselor

By Michael Cabunoc

Do you feel like you're spending 40 or more hours of the work week engaging in pointless activities. If this sounds familiar, then you are the very person to blame. This isn't because you're able to alter your work environment or even your employer's attitude - the most likely reason for hating what you do is not having an evil boss or a sense of discontentment, but simply being in the wrong position.

You should probably work with a trusted San Francisco Bay Area career counselor. It is not possible to get your career out of a rut if you don't assume some accountability and start becoming more aware of the strengths you possess. You can work with a career coach to see why your is making your so miserable and to decide whether you should change something about your current job or start shopping around for a new position.

Additionally, one of the top reasons why our jobs and lives are unfulfilling is lack of control. Taking control over your destiny and understanding that you have the power to improve your situation can relieve a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.

Some people can achieve this without a career coach, but hiring one will make it much easier. Also, Bob helps people get jobs, build resumes, and create careers - your coach can help you with practical matters such as improving your resume and practicing your interview techniques (If interviews scare you, you are not alone, and learning confidence will help a lot).

A seasoned coach can assist you in setting life and personal goals that you're capable of achieving. Rather than setting goals that you have no power to control (I am going to get a better job before September), these professionals assist in the setting of smart and feasible goals, such as determining how many resumes you will submit or rewriting your resume.

If you think that your job sucks and you want more control in your life - you can get help from a career coach to regain a sense of accountability and start improving your life quality.

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