Friday, April 14, 2017

Objectives In Overcoming Islam ISIS And False Religion

By Jennifer Anderson

When it comes to overcoming any type of oppression, individuals need remember that oppression does not end or fight oppression. Still, in some cases, military action, or other political actions may be necessary. A good example of when this is in regard to overcoming Islam ISIS and false religion. For, cults, and groups whose only intention is to discriminate against or harm others in the name of religion are dangerous and need be removed from society.

In most cases, the best solution to oppression is to educate, advocate and celebrate difference. However, as many of those working in the groups and organizations known to be associated with ISIS have no will to do so, solving this problem becomes far more complicated. In reality, it is doubtful many of these groups, individuals and organizations can be overthrown without the assistance of military action.

Any one person whom thinks it is possible to take on these elements of Jihad's warfare and terror are sorely mistaken, whether that be Assad, Trump or others. For, the reality is that there are infiltrators involved with such groups in all areas of the world. Also, as many areas involved in this type of spiritual warfare have been fighting these battles for thousands of years, it is hard to know which path to take when it comes to successfully wiping out enemies whether foreign or domestic.

It is also essential that people recognize that it is not only people within the Islam and Muslim faith whom harm or kill in the name of religion. For, there are many Christians in the United States and elsewhere whom work to eliminate those with different ideologies. For example, abortion doctors, pro-choice activists and members of the LGBTQ community have all been targets for those with opposing views. One good example of a group in this regard are the members of the Westboro Baptist Church and other similar congregations.

When it comes to ISIS or Islam, it should be noted that the Muslim belief system is not what most actions of terror are based on. Rather, those actions are based on jealousy of those whom are not being oppressed and living in a free or freer society. In addition, even when based in religion, it is often false belief systems or misinterpretations of scripture which these evil groups and individuals to action.

Understanding the many branches of the Christian faith as well as the Islam and Muslim faiths can also go along way in overcoming this battle. For, one reason the world has such great difficulty in accepting Muslims is due to this lack of understanding. When it comes to ISIS and Islam, it should be noted that while ISIS is a terrorist group based in the beliefs of Islam, there are also many practicing Islamics who are calm, happy, peaceful, and quiet people.

In fact, there are far fewer Islamics and Muslims whom have embraced the more aggressive, fundamental and terrorist aspects, than those living and practicing the basis of these belief systems. As the majority of Islamics and Muslims have now been labeled as terrorists, often without merit, the struggle to overcome these misguided aspects has now become more complicated than ever.

Understanding the ideologies of those with whom we disagree is the first step in eliminating oppressive behaviors. After which, society must find ways in which to come together. If not, then military and other actions of force may be necessary to do so. For, while some evil can be easily overcome through discussion and shared information, others require more direct actions to overcome the powers behind such evil.

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