Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Benefits That Awaits You In Healing Crystals Hawaii

By Martha McDonald

The general principle is that crystals and gemstones have an energy all their own. When you wear these, then that energy may be transferred to you. Your bodies energy may then be altered even if slightly. This can help to energize you and speed the healing process. This is much the same principle as food giving the body energy except that this is from an outside source. If you want to feel the experience of this magic power, the Healing Crystals Hawaii is the place to turn.

Clear Quartz Crystal, turquoise and labradorite are three Healing Stones that have Spirit Guides in them. You need to do a Ceremony to Activate (call to the Spirit) the metaphysical properties of the stone. The metaphysical properties are the Energy Portals that will help guide you with Life Lessons.

Healing Stones and Plants Certain Natural Stones (Turquoise, Clear Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Labordorite), certain Plants and Herbs (Lavender, Cedar, Copal, Frankincense, Rose, Sage) contain Spirit Guides in them. All the Spirit Guides in these particular Stones and Herbs resonate at High Vibrational Healing Energy and are available to you. They will not ever contain negative energy.

A gentle wash in cool water is best. Soaps may have unwanted effects on the surface of some stones, so it is best avoided unless you know that the stone won't be affected and there is some stubborn dirt on it. Some other stones are best kept away from water as they could start dissolving or breaking up. Water has a habit of getting into minute cracks that the eye can't see and opening them up.

Caring for your crystals can take many forms and there is no set formula that you must follow. The best method is the one that feels right to you although this might change depending on which crystal you are dealing with at the time. You may keep some on display and others tucked away in your 'secret' space.

Another consideration regarding the display of stones on your window sill is the risk of fire. Some particularly clear stones can be quite effective at focusing sunlight and we all remember our childhood experiences with a magnifying glass don't we!

Most stones love the sun. Displaying some of your prized possessions on your window sill will not only keep them energized and free from negative influence but will also make a welcoming sight for passers-by and potentially keep trouble from your door. There are, however, some stones that do not appreciate extended exposure to bright sunlight. Amethyst is one and a list below details some others that are best kept in a more shaded area.

As with occult healing, to heal physical illnesses, the stone merely needs to be kept on the person. Keeping the moonstone close to the body will ease stress and menstrual cramps. For more highly effective healing, a warm bath with a tablespoon of sea salt, and a few moonstones dropped in the water is useful. The bath should be taken in a quiet and calm ambiance, or with tender music playing to drown out background noise. Remain in the bath until you are feeling at ease.

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