Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Truth About Tamock Military Order

By Roger Barnes

Peace of mind is what people need. No person has ever mastered having that state alone. He must have some help from those who are skillful. This skillful persons may aid to achieving that level. You might have a hard time in adjusting from your earthly lavish lifestyle to a holy calling.

Every factions will offer you a fulfilled life after you have joined their group. This thinking will diminish when you think about something new. Tamock Military Order, a one of its kind sect made new levels in creating a holy grouping. They advocate agrarian activities but, they also urge the use of military powers when the time needs it. As much as possible, they would like to settle all dealings in a peaceful way.

Brothers and sisters who are members are either family related or adopted by the convent. They are women and men connected by the oath that they accepted. A guideline, to every believer, is of much importance. They teach you to firm in your faith, conviction and commitment. That is why when you join them, you have also the chance to leave them if you would want in the future.

Ranked officers would teach you that the church occurrence is a temporary being only in earth setting. Each man and woman have a different future heaven opportunities. Also, actions that can degrade you will also take a group effect. You are bringing the name of the Lord and this congregation if you take damaging actions.

Ten laws are religiously observed by this sect. One, be keen and faithful to the things they have sworn under oath. Two, awareness of the land rules of his region. Three, forbid not the children to come to God. Four, treat each other as individual means in charity and fairness. Five, if your calling is to have a partner then, enter a blissful marriage union between a woman and a man.

The sixth rule to follow is be enjoined unto the pleasures of music and dance. Seventh, be aware of the deleterious over indulgence to alcohol. Eighth, be considerate to the feelings of others in every social interactions. Ninth, shall neither encourage or discourage the use of electronic social media. Tenth, the order shall embrace a military element as a secondary vocation.

You can easily understood their scalar chain as it cannot be a complicated thing to learn. The foremost officer in charge is their Grand Master. He oversees all the group operations. The position below him is whom they call Chaplain to the Order. He manages all other positions below him. The next people under it includes Spanish Commanderie, North American Commanderie, other commanderies.

As of today, commander from the Spain is a position on hold because of some problems. The holy order would like to reestablish having strong bonds with the locals itself. On the part of North American Commander, he now manages transactions from other convents and North Carolina convent. The NC convent has other subdivisions which include Moore County chapter house and Stokes County chapter house.

Geographical existence and population expected to rise in the future. Also, other positions might be added to this structure to give more service. The positions may come from further expansion in North America and Europe or another divisions from the chapter houses. Possibly, the next place of expansion is the city you are living in today.

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