Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What The Best Carpet And Area Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY Needs Can Do For You

By Carl Schmidt

You have probably spent a lot of money on your home to make it a comfortable place for you and your family. That includes providing floor coverings, such as carpets and area rugs which make for a warm place to walk and for kids to play. These floor coverings will get dirty every day and that is from all of the airborne material, such as bacteria and germs that come in from outside. You can wipe down the tables and chairs to make them clean, but you then need to contact a company that offers the carpet and area rug cleaning Westchester County NY homeowners use for this purpose.

In the greater Westchester County NY area, the number of cleaning companies available will make you reconsider this service. You can locate them by their advertising in the newspapers or phone book. Home services websites will also list some of them and special pricing can be arraigned if you are using them the first time.

When all of the contaminants that are attracted by the fibers in the carpets get there, they have e tendency to stay and make people sick. That is until the floor is walked on or kids play there. This activity dislodges much of the contamination and it becomes airborne. It can then float on those air streams into other areas of the house. This spreads the dangerous contamination around and makes the whole house unsafe.

When you clean your carpets, with a vacuum cleaner on a regular schedule, you are helping to remove only the dust and dirt setting on top of the fibers. The problem with getting the dangerous contamination is that vacuums can only address material that is bigger than about ten microns in size. The material that can impact the health of people is smaller than that in the range of six or seven microns.

The inspection the professional cleaning crew will undertake is done to accomplish a couple of things. One of them is to see what material is used to construct the carpet. The other is to find out what types of cleaners will need to be used for the type of contamination that is there.

The two main systems your expert crew uses is based either on a dry chemical method or one that uses more water. The dry chemical system is used on the woolen blend carpets and or rugs. These materials do not like a lot of water as it can shrink or discolor them.

A dry chemical system works by broadcasting an ultra low moisture pellet or bead over the floor. These elements bind with the contaminants to make them large enough for the vacuum to pick them up easily. There are also sanitizing agents contained in them that will help kill live organisms that can then be physically removed from the floor.

Some professionals consider the most popular system, called a water extraction method, the best. It is a machine that has jets on the bottom. These jets force a cleaning solution into the pile to dislodge and remove the particles and suspends them within it. This makes it possible to vacuum this dirty solution up with a wet vacuum system, also on the bottom of the machine.

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