Monday, May 29, 2017

A Tasty Treat With Kosher Granola

By Kenneth Morris

There exists a complex system of laws and rules when it comes to Jewish dietary laws and these are not taken lightly when producing any product. Kosher granola is no different as well as offering a reliable alternative to any other healthy food alternative. It is wholesome treat and is usually consumed on its own or else with milk or yogurt.

The laws in the Oral Torah and the Written Torah comprise of a vast set of rules to establish whether a product is kosher or not. These laws describe whether a product has been given the okay or not by a recognised Rabbinical Authority. So when purchasing a product off the shelf or being supplied it from an individual, a hecsher or stamp of approval must be stamped with it so that the purchaser can be assured of its authenticity and is fit for consumption.

Some of these rules include that the production is supervised from start to finish and that no other foreign particles may enter its production. Apart from this, a Mashgiach or person who has passed a test described by the Rabbincial Court, must be on site to supervise and watch over its production. This person or Mashgiach must be fluent in all the dietary laws subscribed by the Jewish Bible or Torah.

A Beth Din is a Jewish Court of Law and is usually found in any city around the world where Jews coexist. This body or organization passes all laws that govern Jewish life and this also includes the dietary laws. A hechsher costs money so that usually products are a little bit more expensive than the same counterpart.

Granola is a sought after alternative on the go snack and is widely consumed by almost any sport person thinkable. It is lightweight and can be therefore carried easily especially for hikers, bicycle enthusiasts and long distance runners. Since it came into being its fame has spread like wildfire across the globe.

To prepare a really great tasting batch of granola is very easy. Mix together oats, nuts and various other seeds with butter or oil and then add maple syrup or honey. It is then baked to form a chunky mass which can be broken up into smaller chunks or granules and then consumed. It is crunchy which makes it feel as though you are really eating a wholesome meal.

All the ingredients are mixed together to form a crunchy mass after it is baked. It should be noted however that when baking, try not to burn the mixture at is easily done because of the sugar content. Once the cooking process is over, it can be broken up into chunks so that it can be sprinkled over cereal and eaten in many other ways.

Combinations of use abound. Other seeds can be used too such as sesame and flax or even sunflower seeds. In most countries in the world, bars of it can be bought for consumption. One must just ensure that the authentication from a Rabbinical Authority is imprinted on the packaging.

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