Friday, May 26, 2017

Healthy Living With Low Fat Granola

By Deborah Richardson

There is several reasons that people will eat a low fat diet and they find that there is a lot of food choices that they can make. One of the popular choices at the moment is the low fat granola. Some of the reasons that people eat a diet that is low in fat is because they have higher than normal levels of cholesterol. The type and amount of fat in the diet will have an effect on the cholesterol levels in the body. There is certain types of fat which cause the fat cholesterol levels in the blood to rise.

The fats that are in the diet can be split into three categories such are monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated. The saturated fats are the ones that have the ability to have a negative impact on the cholesterol levels within the body.

These fats tend to be found in high fat dairy products such as whole milk and butter and also meat. It is very easy to recognise the saturated fats because these are the ones that are solid when in room temperature. The best know examples of these fats are vegetable shortening, lard and butter.

Granola is a healthy food source because it contains a wealth of nutrients. This food is a healthy option however it could also be an unhealthy food if you are not careful about which one you are eating. Take time to get to know the ingredients which are in a healthy brand of granola.

The best thing to do is to become familiar with the ingredients that are in proper granola as this will mean that you are able to avoid just having sugar, calories, oils and fats. It is all of these added unnecessary ingredients that can lead to granolas becoming an unhealthy option.

Granola should not be an unhealthy option when you opt for pre-made and you could always make your own. It can be made using a few simple ingredients so it is not a hard task to do. Making your own version means you have the ability to remove the oil and sugar from the ingredients, therefore making a very nutritious breakfast meal.

When it is made correctly one mouthful of granola can be enough to give you all of the energy, fibre and protein that you require to start the day. A granola that is packed full of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and oats will give the body what it needs on a daily basis. It is possible to make your own version that is low in calories and sugar and packed full of the good ingredients will give enough fibre and vitamin E for the day.

If you take time to make your own version of granola then you can try adding either pumpkin seeds or flax seeds. You could even try adding both types of seeds to make your version very tasty and include a good amount of essential vitamins. Pumpkin seed are a handy source of zinc and the flax seeds are a good source of Omega three. These are both very important components for ensuring that you have a well balanced diet.

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