Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Methods Of Overcoming Islam ISIS And False Religion

By Stephen Mitchell

The existence of regimes in countries like Egypt Iraq and Syria has increased the frequency of radical uprisings like ISIS and religious conviction. Additionally, the use of wrong theological teachings like jihad to persuade the minions to persecute non Muslim members has participated in making them be involved in the brutal practices. When overcoming Islam ISIS and false religion predominance, the following techniques are useful in alleviation of the existence of radicalism.

The embargo on trade between the ISIS States and other countries. The serious restriction should be placed on any commercial relationship between the extremist states and other foreign countries. Also, banking restriction ought to place to reduce the chances of economic increase to fund radicalization. Nevertheless, making any direct contact with these countries is disallowed and purchase of their crude oil which is the primary source of their income.

Military assistance and political support. In these affected countries there is the existence of uprisings against the dominance of intemperate control but unfortunately, lack the military power. The United Nation Security Council has the mandate to ensure that necessary military assistance is provided to the rebelling force. Ironically there is an indication of differences among the members which obviously delays military support.

Fairness in government rule. Local citizens who undergo commercial injustice, massive killing, the existence of race discrimination and corrupt regime in Iraq and Syria join this militia. However, if the United Nations and other related organizations support parties in these countries that will ensure that there is balance in governance will help in reducing radical dominance.

Destruction of their organization. When military intervention have been employed in the affected states, rebels should destroy ensure that the radical sources of income are captured, and they take control of them. Mainly, ISIS relies on oil as their source of wealth which taking control over the oil fields would be a blow to them. Nevertheless, rebels can cut off food supply chain to the terrorists as well as their supply of weapons.

Disputing the dissimilarity between Christians and Muslims. The practice of injustice in non-Islam states towards their Muslim citizens is a possible reason behind the up rise of extreme groups. The assumption that either of the creeds is superior to the other can be lessened by proposing proficient Muslim citizens to occupy positions of governance just like any other citizens.

The elation of interdicts on Muslim in non-Member states. Close surveillance and prevention of freedom to worship of Muslim citizens living in non-Islam countries, are as a result of ideologies to counter of suspicion they are involved with the rise of the radical movements. To prevent this, they should let them enjoy their rights just like other citizens.

Raising awareness of the existence of extremism. Many followers of these deceitful teaching are victims of wrong interpretation of Quran teaching on Jihad and another teaching. States that fall victim can organize conferences and seminars with the local citizens to offer correct interpretations of the Quran in attempts to reduce conformity to radicalization. This will have a positive impact for a better society.

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