Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Autec Carwash Means More Than Just Clean Cars

By Matthew Hughes

The technology of automobiles expanded much further than the experts and designers anticipated in the late Nineteenth century. While the basic engine remains the same, the parts and accessories that accompany this petroleum based gem of innovation, handling, and performance caused humans to leap from mechanical carriage to space-age travel pod. Alongside these designers were geeks working at Autec Carwash station locations.

Those first cars were dusted more than washed because they had no covering to protect the moving parts and leather seats from moisture. Washing the family care probably felt more like dusting the oldest furniture, only with oil and grease being wiped up more than just dander particulates. If it was not kept dry and clean, then rust was sure to initiate the process of engine death.

Metal became the rigid outer shell of the newer models, starting from steel then utilizing the much lighter aluminum. This metal shell has allowed us to have automobiles that stay nice and dry on the leather. Additionally, areas exposed to moisture are not as vulnerable, and the encroachment of rust can take half a century to do any real damage.

The task of washing the auto, to this day, is part of the American experience. What man from the age of 18 to death can resist pretty young girls offering inexpensive car bath complete with skimpy suits, water play, and very bubbly soap. It really is a free pass to gaze at young people in a way that would not be acceptable in any other circumstance, and it helps these kids raise money for trips abroad.

Those crazy kids in the 1970s came up with a new notion for washing cars, and the drive through automatic car wash was brought into being. It came with heavy rolling towels that scrub off dirt and sometimes some paint, then can self dry in preparation to remove excess moisture from the vehicle. The process was loud and it shook the car heavily, frightening even the adults, but terrifying toddlers into laughter.

Washes were part of gas stations, and they could promote laziness in teens while also making an extra dollar for every customer. There were still attendants at the pumps then, and they pimped dollar washes like fast food pimps fries. But time did reveal, original designs did not take into account every vehicle size or shape, and this resulted in mayhem followed by rapid redesign.

The most common, sedan style of auto was safe from anything but micro scratches. These came as a result of the frightening speed and power that wet towels could achieve on a giant rolling mechanism. However, the big Econo van with shag carpet, an 8-track player, and a CB radio in back was likely to be scratched or a side mirror cracked.

Those poor 80s kids saw a return of the old school chore washing the family car in the yard for slave wages. However, just like the auto industry itself, those engineers had a whole new design within months that used soap and water jets without anything else touching the vehicle. Those teenagers now are making real money working at one of their hands-on auto detail super malls that spring up every summer.

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