Friday, June 2, 2017

Commercial Printing Service Lubbock TX Uses Polystyrene Material

By April Madrid

People may use their printer for many purposes in this modern era. Gone are the days of simply printing out documents, charts, and pictures on paper. Nowadays, one can print banners, tees, ribbons, and use wood or metal. Some may even go as far as printing 3-Dimensional human organs and usable weapons. But were you aware that print can go on polystyrene too? This can be accomplished by commercial Printing service Lubbock TX companies. Back n the 90's, that idea might have sounded insane. However, innovation and technology have pushed this into reality. But how safe is it to print on polystyrene?

About Polystyrene.

The primary question most asked is, what is polystyrene? It is best described as a white, hardened plastic. It is often used for making plates, cups, packaging or boxes. Mostly, it is used by the food industry. The material can be used in Styrofoam production. Environmentalists frequently complain that polystyrene is not biodegradable or healthy for the environment. Still, this is a material that makes life a lot easier for packaging food. Now, companies can have designs printed on polystyrene.

Why Use Polystyrene?

There are advantages to using Polystyrene. It may seem a bit difficult to use. If printed incorrectly, the ink may not stick well or the design will be smudged and unclear. However, there are many success stories. A lot of companies have no problems with it. It also has the advantage of being very affordable.

High Impact Polystyrene is an affordable option. That is one reason for its frequent use. It has a high heat tolerance. Microwaving it is not an issue at all. Its durability helps it hold ink clear and well.

What are the Benefits of Printing with Polystyrene?

This kind of packaging has its benefits. Having one's logo on it is advantageous to selling a brand. The smooth, hard surface works well for printers. It also means designs are crisp and last longer. Transportation is simple since it weighs practically nothing. Polystyrene has incredible sanitary properties. That is one of the primary reasons food and drinks are its main use.

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