Sunday, June 11, 2017

Get To Know More About MEP Coordination Drawings

By Jeffrey Stevens

Basically, coordination drawing also referred to as composite is crucial for successful building constructions whether institutional or commercial buildings. Generally, coordination involves avoiding the physical conflict when preparing the equipment with a building, as well as procedures for duct piping and building systems. The risk is usually prominent during a building project with many mechanical, plumbing, and electrical needs. Therefore, it is necessary to include the MEP coordination drawings within the site.

Essentially, MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. Hence, these designs are utilized in order to decrease problems among different trades. For instance, in the case where there are subcontractors negotiating with one another. The competent drawings operate as a major planning instrument that will allow for smooth installation of each material.

After all the elevations have been well-established, the designs are then made. For example, the HVAC, piping, fire protectors and electrical among others are all arranged as one. Upon completing, meeting as well as approval, the subcontractors create their own comprehensive shop drawing representation which will be dependent on the area they are handling at the time.

If you recruit a productive company for this process, you will have saved a lot of time used in construction. Saving a lot of money translates to making more profits. This is important because numerous construction sites usually make more losses as compared to profits. Nevertheless, the quality of the designs are different and vary from one coordination company to the other. If you hire non-professionals in order to save money, you will experience more challenges as the process continues. As a result the project lags and this leads to more confusion.

To ensure the firm is efficient, it is important to have the knowledge involving MEP coordination tool since there is design knowledge. When applied, this tool ensures the project is in line with the set codes, as well as standards. The design detailers and engineers are often consulted on this, and involves routing property, location, configuration, and function.

There is also the construction knowledge which helps guarantee the feasibility of the building and guarantee efficient field operations. It entails knowledge on access requirement, safety, construction method, and configuration. In this area, foremen and engineers are the ones who provide this knowledge.

On the other hand, the main areas that are included in MEP process are normally the most crucial systems of a building. One of such system is the HVAC system that includes heat generation, cooling systems, air handling, as well as the automatic monitoring system. This helps to ensure air is always conditioned. Another area is fire protection system that help to ensure the building is fire resistant, and fast on fire warning.

Moreover, the electrical system includes supply, lighting, and distribution. Again, there is the plumbing system which works on pumped waste and pressure driven systems among others. Finally, there is the process of piping system and the datacom or telephone. Therefore, there is need for MEP coordination in buildings to avert more destruction or additional costs.

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