Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Telecoms giant is right to stop relying on social media titans to stop its adverts appearing next to inappropriate content

About time too: a major advertiser has become so frustrated with Facebook and Google’s limp attempts to police the content they publish that it has taken matters into its own hands. Vodafone will no longer rely on website “blacklists” drawn up by the social media titans and its own advertising agency. Instead, to prevent its ads appearing next to hate speech or fake news, Vodafone will issue a “whitelist” of sites on which it is happy for its commercial messages to appear.

The new approach is sensible. Indeed, it’s a wonder that major advertisers have been so slow to protect themselves from Facebook and Google’s failures. Vodafone spends £400m a year on online advertising. Even if 99% of that money ends up being directed to reputable sites, the other 1% can do serious damage to a brand while also generating revenue for some hideous websites.

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